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Every bride has a unique vision and style.  Whether it be romantic, contemporary, vintage, classic, sophisticated or whimsical.  We offer Bouquets, ceremony designs, reception centerpieces, bridal party, cake floral's, 

floral wear and more. 

"Everything is Entirely Poshable!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer wedding flower packages?

I do not. Your wedding flowers should be as unique as you are. But that does not mean they are not competitively priced. It is "Entirely Poshable" to keep costs budget friendly and still provide that personal touch.

What does budget friendly mean?

It means low overhead and direct pricing. The wedding industry recommends that 8-10 % of a wedding’s total budget be reserved for flowers. With the typical Seattle wedding averaging $30k, the floral budget would be $3000. By managing low overhead and direct pricing, “Entirely Poshable” can offer custom designed arrangements for 4-5% of the wedding’s budget - frequently half the cost of traditional floral shops.

Where are you located?

Federal Way, WA.   “Entirely Poshable’s” home based studio in Federal Way serves the greater Seattle – Tacoma area. Since everything is “Entirely Poshable” I do make exceptions and have had occasion to deliver flowers all over the Pacific Northwest from Western Washington to Idaho. I have even delivered to Reno, Nevada.

When should I schedule my consultation?

When you have a wedding date, venue. know the general size of your wedding party, theme and budget. 

All of that information will be needed when you book a consultation. And since we book a limited number of summer weddings, the SOONER, the BETTER.

How long have you been in the floral business?

Professionally, I have been in the floral business for ten years - since 2008. But I began floral designing in 1993, creating wedding arrangements for friends and family.  My floral designs have won many awards.  Both local and state wide competitions.

What happens if you get sick?

I have a talented team that will step in if, on the rare occasion, they are needed. To date, they have never been needed, but because no one is immune to illness or accident it is prudent to prepare.